Approval from  ISI and FSSAI

The mineral water industry is strictly regulated and it is vital that we comply with the rules and regulations

Quality is not act.  It is a habit. , It’s never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Hello Mineral Water is dedicated to provide High quality products and services and we are ISI and FSSAI accredited, Our ISI and FSSAI Registration covers all aspects of our business operations, all our product are ISI marked and have been hygienic and pure to the latest standards

At Hello, we give utmost importance to Quality and maintaining the highest possible hygiene, our production facilities have their own quality testing labs which ensure that every product is made as per quality guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Our State of art central lab is located at our Head office, Mumbai, ensure that quality standards are maintained and uniformity of procedures followed .For this purpose they collect and test samples of raw and treated water every month from each Hello production facility.

All  this to ensure that each drop of Hello is absolutely Pure, safe and hygienic.

Genuinely Unique Taste

Raw water is procured from more than 100 meters below ground level, where it lies dormant for hundreds of years in the aquifers. After rain water gradually percolates through the many layers of sands, gravels, granite rocks and sandstones, it slowly resides on the bedrock. Acting as an exceptional natural filter, the soil and rocks help the water to gain its genuinely unique taste. Prolonged contact with the natural minerals in the underground also allows the water to naturally absorb a natural balance of minerals.

Maintained Water Quality

Our mineral water treatment facility purifies and filters raw water so that it can be consumed safely. Nonetheless, the high natural mineral traces are fully unaltered and the distinct taste of the water is kept throughout the filtration process. Maintaining the water quality is our highest priority in the production chain. We have a team of QC/QA to oversee the treatment process and run hourly laboratory test on the water to ensure quality consistency.

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