Company Overview:

Established in 1993. Hello Mineral Water is a brand of Mumbai, which is one of leading brand in water supply drinking water. The company has excellent track record for quality and service. The pure mineral water of Hello quenches the thirst of corporate houses, hotels & residence at large across Mumbai, new Mumbai.

Through efficient customer service, Hello offers convenient and economical packages to its domestic and corporate consumers based on their requirements. The company is backed by well-trained staff that provides prompt, quick and friendly delivery service throughout Mumbai .Thus more than 3600 corporate houses, catering services and hotels enjoys Hello water every day.

Brand Vision

To be the “Finest Drinking Mineral water Organization” by 2025 by satisfying people’s needs for truly pure, portable drinking water anywhere, anytime.

Brand Promise

We are in Business of refreshing people around the world at large by our products, refreshing ourselves through Innovation.

Brand Mission

To be the best environment friendly company in the industry, providing pure drinking water with a minimal carbon footprint and cost, sustain for the well-being of people, and live in their hearts.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Lead Times

Our high capacity production lines ensure full truck orders are completed within a single day. Once the initial set up process and delivery are complete, subsequent orders under the right conditions could be completed within that day and delivered the next day if required.


Our way of operating and processing allow us to have a high level of flexibility and customizability to cater to everyone’s needs

Wide Distribution Network

We have over 12 trucks, Our extensive distribution network covers the whole Mumbai and New Mumbai.

Quality Control

Quality and consistency in standards are what we pursue at all times, and we focus heavily on our quality control and assurance. Our QA and QC division has a fast and reliable response rate who can provide answers to any technical question in quality and operations.