Boiled Water Is Not The Answer

Boiling removes none of the inorganic minerals, although it does kill the bacteria in raw water if boiled at least 20 minutes. But the dead bodies of these germs are carried into the system when the boiled water is used. Such dead minerals furnish a fertilized soil for rapid and lusty propagation of germs already in the body. By drinking boiled water, one may avoid live disease germs, but still takes on bacterial soil for the growth of other bacteria.

WATER: A Carrier of disease

The pollutants in much of our water include chemicals from industry, such as lethal chlorinates, obnoxious phenols and tannins, plus commercial chemical fertilizers, weed killers, poison pesticides washed into streams by runoff or put into the water by injudicious overspread “Now the day is coming (for many it is already here) when we, too, must face up to the question of whether we want to drink our water as it runs from the tap. The answer lies in what we do no for our own protection.

Why should we grow older?

Why not attack the water problem, and prevent the host of diseases, without the need of additional doctors.

By Dr Allen E. Banik

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